‘I’ve also consumed this with an unreasonable amount of garlic bread. But I’m gross’. ‘Basic’ is an ugly term in our Instagram 2K17 generation, isn’t it? It conjures images of girls who (want to) look like Kylie Jenner referring to something as subpar. Not on their level. Simply not good enough. Well this is a … Continue reading BACON TOMATO ORZO


‘Stop bullying anchovies. They’re wonderful’. Italians have always done it better than us when it comes to food. That’s with no disrespect to our fish and chips, bangers and mash, stews and what not – but when it comes to resourceful cooking, Italians just get it. I have always found this. I mean, I’ve never been … Continue reading VENETIAN BIGOLI


Lazyagne. Everybody’s got a lasagne recipe. Everybody. Even the shakiest of Kitchen-phobes somewhere in the depths of their culinary cranium, have a lasagne recipe. I often hear people who aren’t the most confident of cooks punctuate their anti-Kitchen confessions with ‘But I do make a good lasagne!’. And I’m not mad at this. I think … Continue reading LAZYAGNE


Lardon Penne. I love a good de-glaze. There’s something about pouring a liquid into a hot pan and hearing that firework crackle of the pan that makes me feel that I’m about to get some seriously syrupy sauce that you just can’t get out of cracking open a jar. It’s a very simple way of … Continue reading LARDON PENE