Beef Stew. Being an amateur domestic cook that just so happens to write about his culinary experiences does not come without its own reluctances. Despite my over articulated way of describing what I ate for tea, it does take a lot of courage to share your writing when you have absolutely no cooking qualifications to … Continue reading BEEF STEW


Lazyagne. Everybody’s got a lasagne recipe. Everybody. Even the shakiest of Kitchen-phobes somewhere in the depths of their culinary cranium, have a lasagne recipe. I often hear people who aren’t the most confident of cooks punctuate their anti-Kitchen confessions with ‘But I do make a good lasagne!’. And I’m not mad at this. I think … Continue reading LAZYAGNE


Simple Fajitas. Nature played a trick on me. I often catch myself in a maraca sound tracked daydream where I believe I could easily have been Mexican. I’m passionate about food, I cherish family and I talk very fast – traits both the Welsh and the Mexicans have in common. But in real terms, their … Continue reading SIMPLE FAJITAS