This is a BEAST of a post for something that truly feels like a BEAST of a task. Don’t dismay; it is not. This is a Sunday Dinner broke down to avoid a breakdown. Not because cooking a Sunday Dinner is difficult and breakdown inducing, but because the concept of it may seem difficult, and … Continue reading A SUNDAY DINNER


I’ve spoken lovingly many times of St David’s Day and how it’s rituals are embedded into my culture. However, through Dawnsio Gwerin, the llefaru, the daff, the leek and the singing there is one token of Welsh culture that will stay with me literally until the day I die, regardless of what day it is. … Continue reading WELSH CAKES


Speckled Bread. That’s what Bara Brith means (bara – bread, brith – speckled) named thusly because of the plump, tea-soaked morsels of dried fruit that freckle it’s proud interior. There’s a scenic route to Bara Brith, which a far better cook than I would take, which involves yeast and kneading and proving, therefore earning it’s … Continue reading BARA BRITH