This is a BEAST of a post for something that truly feels like a BEAST of a task. Don’t dismay; it is not. This is a Sunday Dinner broke down to avoid a breakdown. Not because cooking a Sunday Dinner is difficult and breakdown inducing, but because the concept of it may seem difficult, and … Continue reading A SUNDAY DINNER


Everybody’s got a lasagne recipe Even the shakiest of kitchen-phobes somewhere in the depths of their culinary cranium, have a lasagne recipe. I often hear people who aren’t the most confident of cooks, punctuate their anti-kitchen confessions with ‘But I do make a good lasagne!’ And I’m not mad at this. I think so long … Continue reading A REALLY RELIABLE LASAGNE


Did you know this was actually one of the earliest recipes I ever posted on this blog? Not this exact one, but something similar that I have now adapted.  Because in the spirit of Ms. Laurie Colwin and all of the misguided adventures she writes about in ‘Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen’ (1988), … Continue reading BUTTERMILK PANCAKES