Have we discussed my compulsive need to boil potatoes lately? I don’t think we have. I constantly have a need for little, tiny, baby boiled potatoes in my fridge. Throwing them in a pot of salted water, boiling until tender, allowing them to cool and dry until completely stone cold, and then stowing them away … Continue reading FRIED POTATOES & KIMCHI


Did you know this was actually one of the earliest recipes I ever posted on this blog? Not this exact one, but something similar that I have now adapted.  Because in the spirit of Ms. Laurie Colwin and all of the misguided adventures she writes about in ‘Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen’ (1988), … Continue reading BUTTERMILK PANCAKES


There is a small part of me that borders on the embarrassed when I caveat a recipe with an apology for it’s simplicity. But why, in terms of cooking, should simplicity even be scorned? Surely that’s what we’re looking for, right? Recipes that require the least amount of skill, the least amount of time, the … Continue reading POTATO ROSTIS